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We carry out various internal/external decoration works to both private and rentals, these can range from one room to the entire property including luxury 6/7 bed homes & new build dwellings.

With our clients benefiting from our knowledge & experience of both colour and products helping them to achieve their goals.

Throughout the history of Riley & Co, we have undertaken many contracts on old and dated properties most of which have a listed building status.


These types of contracts can involve restoring the buildings heritage image, to what they once looked like, by using the traditional period colours for the age of the buildings, which are available in modern paints and wallpapers.

We carry out continual maintenance programme's of pre-paint repairs, painting and decorating works within all types of social housing scenarios for local authorities, social landlords and private sector clients.


These include major long-term partnering projects with various clients, whom manage high quality sheltered housing for the elderly and vulnerable throughout the UK. In addition to our extensive trade skills, and our investment in modern business systems, our client rely on us to match their own standards of customer care.

The health sector including all types of hospitals, health centres, clinics and surgeries requires contractors who have the ability to recognize the competence that is required in this sector.


Health management professionals have repeatedly chosen Riley & Co to undertake decorative and refurbishment work because of our ability to work accurately, quickly and efficiently allows these particular clients to attend to the more important demands in the public health sector.

We carry out redecoration work to all types of industrial premises. This is carried out by firstly analysing the existing surfaces to determine the extent of cleaning and degreasing that is required. This is of paramount importance in providing a sound clean surface before applying any protective and decorative coatings to ensure durability.


All the above is carried out in the most cost effective and eco-friendly way.

Over the past 33 years, we has been delighted to undertake a large number of contracts and individual projects for local authorities, which include the interior and exterior decoration and refurbishment of town halls, leisure centres, community centres, innovation and business centres, and all types of public buildings.


Such large public-access locations frequently present interesting challenges, but Riley & Co approaches each project, for every client, individually with an equal commitment to excellence.

Schools, Colleges and Universities have always been part of our regular client base and we have been delighted to be able to offer a full range services to this sector for many years.


We are aware that these projects require special attention, in particular working to time scales during out of term times. Our team members are highly skilled and competent in these areas with our clients knowing that we can be relied on to always be professional in our approach.

When working on commercial projects we know that the final finish we leave in our clients premises, is the first thing that their customers see.


Our ultimate aim is customer satisfaction, we attain this with our directly employed personnel whom have the ability to manage the project from beginning to end, on time and to the specification of the client.

Most commercial enterprises in the UK face the same challenges, stiff competition, pressure on costs, and the constant need to maintain and demonstrate the highest standards of quality.


Many hotels, health clubs, spas, leisure centres, museums and galleries, rely on our expertise, cost effectiveness and most importantly attention to detail.

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