Riley & Co 2021 A 1

Health & Safety


It is one of our proudest claims that Riley and Co has and maintains an exemplary record

for Health and Safety.


We regard all Health & Safety issues as being of paramount importance for our personnel,

for our customers, and for our business – since we wish always to be able to offer a

reliable and uninterrupted level of service.


To this end, we have comprehensive arrangements, which include established rules and procedures, designed to ensure the observance of relevant statutory legislation and established safe working practices, the identification of hazards and associated risks, and the application of suitable precautionary and control measures.


The company will ensure the collection of up to date information on the toxicity and potential hazards of all substances used, produced or generated by the company.  

The information will be made freely available to those with a legitimate need for that information.


The company will limit exposure to and, where necessary, monitor the use of substances hazardous to health as an ongoing priority.


Particular care with the introduction of new substances are the inherent risks will be assessed as required.


The effectiveness of the arrangements depends, to a large extent, on the co-operation and active support of all employees and therefore provision is made for employees to be consulted, informed and if necessary trained in matters which may affect their health and safety at work and in connection with any responsibility or duty may be assigned to them for the purpose of implementing the policy.


Riley and Co also takes its environmental responsibilities seriously, operating in line with the relevant legislation and seeking to improve any aspect of our operation which has an environmental impact.