Riley & Co 2021 A 1

Equal Opportunities

Riley and Co Mansfield Ltd is an equal opportunity employer. An Equal Opportunities Statement is displayed in the workplace and equal opportunities issues are covered in our standard package of Staff Training.

Riley and Co understands that its current reputation and future success depend on the quality of its employees.

Therefore, employees and directors understand and accept responsibility to apply the following principals and put them in to practice.



Riley & Co. is an open recruitment company and all vacancies are advertised through press and recruitment agencies to all sections of the community. Job applications are monitored throughout the year by the Company Secretary.

The company’s aim is to ensure equal opportunities throughout the organisation, wherever issues of Health and Safety are not compromised. The company seeks to recruit trustworthy, self-motivated individuals with appropriate skills and does not discriminate on the grounds of sex, colour, race, disability or age.



All new and existing employees are eligible for promotion on merit and ability demonstrated in the appropriate area of work. The company does not discriminate on the grounds of sex, colour, race, disability or age.



Riley and Co. provides training to all employees immediately after recruitment, and continually throughout employment with the company, regardless of sex, colour, race, disability or age.

Training is given either in-house or extended to colleges or other training programmes and covers Health and Safety and Customer Relations as well as trade skills.


Disciplinary & Dismissal Procedures

In all cases except verbal warnings, which can be issued by Supervisors, disciplinary action is taken by the Directors.

All disciplinary and dismissal action procedures are set out in each individual’s Contract of Employment at the outset of employment with the company.


Victimisation, Discrimination and Harassment

Riley and Co. Ltd will not tolerate any instance of victimisation, discrimination or harassment of or by its employees.

Employees are advised in the first instance, to raise any concern verbally with the Directors.

A clear and simple Complaints Procedure for dealing with these matters is laid out in the Contract of Employment given to each employee of the Company.