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Environmental & Sustainability

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Sustainability is rapidly becoming a chief concern in the construction industry and painting is

no exception.

We recognise that we have a responsibly to ensure that our company carries out our business

in a safe and sustainable manner complying with all relevant legislation.


We are continually striving to improve on all environmental issues, using where possible the most

environmentally-friendly paints, solvents, and adhesive products available on the market and in

agreement with our clients, reducing the impact on the environment.


The company promotes the use of biodegradable, recyclable and low VOC products in line with Phase 2

of the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Paints, Varnishes & Vehicle Refinishing Products Regulation 2005, which was implemented in January 2010


Economic constraints (translated as accurate quantity surveying and sensible purchasing) ensure that very little waste material is produced.


Our Site Supervisors take responsibilities for ensuring company guidelines are followed.


* All waste materials must return to the company’s premises for disposal using professional recycling services wherever possible.


* All waste materials must be disposed of in accordance with current waste regulations.


* All operatives are trained in the safe use of and disposal of all waste products.


* Product data sheets are placed on site for reference.


* Purchase of materials will reflect the desire to achieve the least environmental impact possible in the context of achieving quality targets.


* As a company where, water-based materials can be used, we will, in an effort to reach our targets in reducing all our solvent waste.


These guidelines form part of our induction and on-going training commitments to our staff.


A copy of our sustainability policy is available on request

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